‘A Sports Club full of love heads home’

There is not a Sports club in Australia like the Coogee Dolphins. It has become an iconic brand across the community for exactly that - being a wonderful community. 

Forged on the tragedy and loss of its people in the Bali Bombings its fitting and right, that the Coogee Pavilion is now home. 

The iconic building looks out over Dolphin Point which is the home of the Bali Memorial. 

Paul Vanni Dolphins committee member says: 

‘For us to be back at our spiritual home we can both reflect and honour our people by looking out at the memorial and celebrate the great sporting achievements of our current teams at such a beautiful place, we can’t thank Merivale enough’ 

Andrew Jones - Merivale Group Operations Manager says 

‘We are delighted to be associated with such a community brand like the Dolphins’ 

This Club is one that has never wanted pity. 

It has always been about never forgetting the tragedy in Indonesia on October 12, 2002. 

But it is about doing something constructive and honouring the legacy of the people we lost by making a difference for others on and off the sporting arenas. 

The club has raised over 300 thousand dollars for the children’s hospital and Ronald McDonald house and they have only just begun. 

They are a sports loving, people loving club and are in the community to make a difference. 

As it was once famously said: 

‘You can’t change the direction of the wind but you can adjust your sails’ 

The Dolphins have their spinnaker up! 

Coogee Pav.png